From 14 to 23 August, MOT and RFM were responsible for the road tour that travelled through 10 of the 35 municipalities located along the route of the mythical National Road 2. The Chaves to Faro trip was done on a huge carnival-type float and lasted 10 days.

The Sente Portugal (“Feel Portugal”) project, which was also co-sponsored by MEO and Minipreço supermarkets, travelled 739 km along the longest road in Portugal, with the aim of providing entertainment and getting to know the traditions and points of interest that these regions have to offer.

It was over 90 hours of live broadcasting from the float, which also included performances by big names in Portuguese music, such as Bárbara Bandeira, Calema, Noble, Syro, Nuno Ribeiro, Miguel Gameiro and Alberto Índio.

This was yet another project produced by MOT, whose focus was on boosting national tourism.