This project, organized by RFM and produced by MOT, distributed Christmas hope and magic to ten cities in the Central region of Portugal..

December – 2020

Over ten days, MOT – Memories Of Tomorrow and RFM hit the road to spread the spirit and hope of Christmas to all Portuguese, on a magical journey through the Central region.

Castelo Branco, Covilhã, Guarda, Pinhel, São João da Madeira, Figueira da Foz, Anadia, Condeixa, Cantanhede and Leiria were the places that embraced this project and received its best in the form of magical initiatives.

In addition to a special radio broadcast, several national artists, namely D.A.M.A, Nuno Ribeiro, SYRO, Noble, and Vai e Vem, among others, performed at RFM Sente Portugal no Natal. This initiative kicked off on 27 November in Castelo Branco and ended on 6 December, in Anadia.

MOT – Memories Of Tomorrow has the special mission to create the most beautiful memories in the lives of those who trust us to give soul and shape to their projects. In the end, and always with the best at our side, all challenges are met and successfully achieved, with the enduring feeling of mission accomplished.