The Portuguese company MOT – Memories of Tomorrow, producer of RFM SOMNII and the Andrea Bocelli concert to be held at the Coimbra Stadium and national partner of Rolling Loud, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and Afro Nation, believes that the industry will bounce back in the summer of 2021.

For Tiago Castelo Branco, the Chief Executive Officer of MOT,it is completely unthinkable that a specific plan will not be drawn up, one with clearly defined rules that will allow summer festivals to go ahead. No sector can survive two years without working, apart from the fact events such as these play a very important role in the resumption of national tourism ”.

The economic effect of the festivals planned for Portimão (Rolling Loud, EDC and Afro Nation) is enormous and must be taken into account when making decisions. According to the promoter, the events will directly bring an estimated direct return of €91m, of which €43m represents direct revenue for the hospitality industry. “These international events focus mainly on attracting the international public, given that, at present, 93.5% of the tickets were purchased abroad, which corresponds to 163,650 airline tickets, of which 44,185 were purchased outside Europe”.

In the Central Region, and particularly for Figueira da Foz, RFM SOMNII is the most significant event of its kind and attracts a large number of tourists.  “Every year, the entire city gets ready for RFM SOMNI. For many industries, such as hotels and restaurants, the festival marks the beginning of the summer high season. According to a study from the latest festival (2019), this event brings a direct return of €11.8m to the Figueira da Foz economy.”

The promoter believes that safe events are possible, as long as COVID-19 tests are done beforehand and “green lanes” are created for people who have already been vaccinated. “The DGS should define the conditions as soon as possible so that promoters can fulfil their commitments to the public, suppliers and artists in good time”, said Tiago Castelo Branco.

I am aware that both the government and local authorities want to find a feasible solution that will allow events to be held while minimising the risks. Even though we are going through a difficult moment, now is the time to define a strategy for the coming summer, one that will bring hope and trust to consumers and also boost national tourism”, the promoter said.


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