The thrills of formula 1 took over the algarve and, from 16 to 25 october, they were experienced at portimão motorsports village, the heart of all the dynamics of the event off the track. Everyone enjoyed memorable moments, of note being the special concert by mariza, a parade of ferraris and the presence of leading drivers.

Portimão came out in style to welcome F1. This Algarve’s town became the capital of motorsports and allowed lovers of high fans to experience all the thrills of a grand prix first-hand, 24 years after the last grand prix held on a Portuguese circuit.

During the four-day event, over 15,000 people came to Portimão MotorSports Village. However, due to the safety measures in force, only 850 were allowed in the venue at a time. Mandatory mask wearing and constant hand sanitising allowed the spectators to enjoy a unique experience with maximum safety.

An example of this was the concert by Mariza, one of the highlights of the event. The Portuguese music ambassador provided over 600 people with a charming evening, to the sound of hits like “Gente da Minha Terra” and “Melhor de Mim”.

This was coupled with the powerful performance by DJ Zanova, car exhibitions, the 25-Ferrari car parade, interviews with leading drivers and the presence of RFM, which provided moments of pure entertainment, were just some of the activities held to entertain and delight all those who chose Portimão MotorSports Village to experience the thrills of F1.


Portimão MotorSports Village is a huge production by MOT and, at the same time, the result of the very praiseworthy work done by all those who allowed the event to become an example in these times we are living in. Great feats are only achieved when we have the best of the best behind us.

Brands like Turismo do Algarve, Turismo de Portimão, Algarve Biomedical Center , Galp, Super Bock, Nicola, Vito, Racing Fest, Constálica, Reboconorte, JAP, Renault, Ricardo Teodósio – rally champion, Diogo Correia – drift champion , Retificadora Guimarães and Mecurito played a key role in the success of Portimão MotorSports Village.