RFM SOMNII has changed its graphic identity and renewed its ambitions for The Greatest Sunset Ever in 2022.



Following the postponement of two editions of The Greatest Sunset Ever, RFM SOMNII has changed its image and experiences to renew hope and give festivalgoers the fun they deserve.

To portray the proposed concept, it intentionally breaks from the past to generate interest and surprise through a new festival phase, where the essence is the same as ever but delivered in a new, refreshing way.

Whether due to the lockdown caused by the two years of the pandemic or to the generalised feeling of a lack of excitement and adventure, the RFM SOMNII organisers believe that, more than transforming its image, the 2022 event will be held in the form of a release of the desire for fun and euphoria – a free, intense and irreverent summer with friends and the best contemporary artists, on a sandy beach of pure joy.

The “Summer is Ours” is the slogan for holding a unique and memorable festival through the various experiences of music, art and culture, in the firm belief that RFM SOMNII 2022 will be The Greatest Sunset Ever.

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