MOT – Memories of Tomorrow was once again distinguished by the Lusophone Creativity Awards. On this occasion, the Andrea Bocelli Concert in Coimbra received awards in three categories.


After a year and a half with almost no events due to the pandemic situation, MOT made history by holding two concerts of the world’s most acclaimed tenor at Coimbra’s City Stadium. With its capacity practically sold-out, the two dates for Andrea Bocelli’s concert thrilled over 25,000 people who attended one of the most awaited shows in Portugal. 

The promoter’s investment in planning and security and its experience in large events are now recognised by the Lusophone Creativity Awards with bronze in three categories in the 3rd quarter of 2020/2021: Cultural EventLarge Event and Performance in Events 

One of the outstanding features of Andrea Bocelli’s concerts in Portugal was the development and accomplishment of a safety plan with standards set out and approved by the DGS, such as mask-wearing among the audience and staff or the distance between the stadium seats, which also gave them the “Covid Safe” recognition by the Microbiology Unit of Biocant, a Technology Transfer Association. 

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