About Us

The mission of MOT – Memories of Tomorrow is to establish itself in the market as one of Portugal’s premier promoters and producers of entertainment content.

Over the years, we have cultivated a reputation for delivering quality projects tailored to well-defined target audiences, crafting future memories based on positive sensations and experiences for diverse audiences.

MOT primarily focuses on three strategic sectors: Large Events, Classical Music, and Corporate.

In the realm of large-scale events, we have been instrumental in promoting and producing festivals like RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Sunset Ever and BR FEST, the biggest Brazilian festival in Portugal. Since 2019, we have also co-promoted Afro Nation, and in 2022 and 2023, we were proud co-promoters of Rolling Loud Portugal and the Secret Project Festival.

In classical music, our company has exclusively promoted and produced Andrea Bocelli concerts for Portugal since 2021. Additionally, in 2023, we co-produced a concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for Rádio Renascença.

Over the years, we have executed numerous corporate events for various private and institutional clients, such as Vilamoura World’s brand launch party and Vale do Lobo Resort’s Summer Party.

Committed to continuing to shape the Memories of Tomorrow, MOT will navigate its path with precision and professionalism, crafting unique projects that deliver exclusive sensations to our clients.


Tiago Castelo Branco

Chief Executive Officer

Mário Leite

Chief Production Manager

Romeu Alves

Chief Marketing Officer

Jorge Portela

Production Manager

António Oliveira

Executive Producer

André Cruz