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MOT- Memories of Tomorrow is an outstanding company in Portugal in the field of organising and producing important events.

A leader in its segment, MOT has a highly specialised team with vast experience in the area. This team has already coproduced shows of many different kinds, from large-scale festivals to classical music concerts.

Responsible for the promotion and production of the largest beach music festival in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe, the RFM SOMNII – The Greatest Sunset Ever, MOT is also the national partner of Event Horizon in co promoting some of the biggest festivals internationally, such as RollingLoud, the biggest HipHop festival in the world, Afro Nation, the biggest Afrobeats festival in the world, as well as SecretProject Festival, one of the biggest techno festivals in Europe.


Tiago Castelo Branco

Chief Executive Officer

Mário Leite

Chief Production Manager

Romeu Alves

Chief Marketing Officer

Jorge Portela

Production Manager

António Oliveira

Executive Producer

André Cruz

Nicole Ferreira

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